Sunday, 21 August 2011

Take Action! These boots are made for Walking!

Well! 3 September and the big RAG Walk to save our Reservoirs is nearly upon us. Have you signed up to be counted?

We are delighted to let you know that Jonathan Evans MP, has not only signed up for the walk but he has also enlisted another seven people to join him! FANTASTIC!

So, a very big thank you to all our policitians who have unstintingly offered cross party support for the community's cause, over many years, to save this simply unique open space for Cardiff's residents. Thank you to Julie and Rhodri Morgan and Jenny Rathbone and partner, our AM's and to Jonathan Evans, MP, for getting their 'stomping' boots on!

So, if you have not done so already, please sign up for RAG's Save our Cardiff Reservoirs Walk via the link on our Home page - lets get this army moving? We really need to be 'counted' for this walk to send the message that we will stand up and be counted, when it comes to something we treasure, not just for us but for our children, grandchildren and all who come after us and need a peaceful haven to keep them sane!

Please remember to cross post via your Facebook and Twitter contacts to mobilise as many people as possible.

The Save Our Cardiff Reservoirs Walk (SOCRW) is an organised walk with five route options of 21 miles; 17 miles; 12 miles; 6 miles and 3 miles. Walking is the best way to enjoy the fantastic reservoirs and parks within and hills surrounding Cardiff. So on 3rd September put your walking boots on and get out into the fresh air for a fun day of walks!