Monday, 18 December 2017

Work in the Nant Fawr Woodlands

Dŵr Cymru/Welsh Water have discovered that some work needs to be done on a water main which runs close to the Nant Fawr woods.  To do this, a specialist machine needs to be brought onto the site, and in the new year, Welsh Water will be carrying out some excavations of the main.  This will involve some clearance of vegetation, which has been agreed with Cardiff Council, and some restrictions on access to paths close to the main.  More details are provided in the accompanying letter.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Reservoir Update - November 2017

Dwr Cymru / Welsh Water have just issued a newsletter on the progress of work at the reservoirs.  It can be read by clicking here.  The draining of Llanishen reservoir should be completed by Christmas, and then work will start to clear the vegetation and repair the stone pitching on the embankments.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Footpath Closure Extended

The work being undertaken on the Lisvane reservoir valve chamber is taking longer than expected, as it is in a worse state of repair than was anticipated and some bespoke fittings are having to be made to complete the work.  This means that Dŵr Cymru/Welsh Water need to extend the closure on the stretch of footpath running behind Rhyd-y-Blewyn Farm and 117 Black Oak Road.  It is now hoped that the path will be re-opened by Christmas.  A letter from Dŵr Cymru/Welsh Water has been sent out to local households but can also be accessed by clicking here.