Tuesday, 7 October 2014

RAG meets with CELSA!

Richard Cowie, James Ellis, Bernard Adshead & Ceri Davies
Yesterday, the Rag Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer visited Llanishen Reservoir with our consultant reservoir engineer, Chris Hoskins.  We were met and shown around by James Ellis, the manager from Celsa who is the main point of contact for the reservoirs for the company.  We were there for about two and half hours, and while Chris undertook his inspection, we had a chance to talk to James about the future of the reservoirs.  It was a very constructive afternoon, and although James made it clear that Celsa currently has no definitive plans for Llanishen reservoir, he also said that Celsa would be happy to consider any proposals that we put forward.  We are about to release a document outlining our vision for the reservoir, and arranged to send copies to Celsa by the end of this week.  James also agreed to provide information about the reservoirs to Chris, our engineer.  Chris is preparing a report for us on the condition of the reservoir, but generally thought it looked to be in a good state.