Monday, 15 August 2011

Take Action! - Final push for the Summit

Today saw the start of the final push for the summit by RAG, of this Public Inquiry which started in 2008. This week will see the evidence of RAG's traffic expert witness, Ron Kelly, against the Lisvane Road access. Again, Anthony Dinkin QC, of London, leading Counsel, is spear-heading RAG's opposition to the development.

This week will see the main traffic arguements hotly debated, ably lead by a third party objector Julia McGill, who has orchestrated a major fight against the Lisvane access, including commissioning a report by ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents).

Fred Davies, will again prove that trout fishing could once again be a success.

The Council has once again confirmed their determination to restart sailing tuition at Llanishen once water levels permit.

The Inquiry will conclude on Friday with the closing submissions by Western Power, the Council and RAG.

Please telephone 029 2024 3656 or email pledging your support for the Echo initiative to assist the Council to reinstate the much loved, safe sailing facility. No money is needed just a pledge of your whole hearted support!