Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Can you help?

The Open Garden event at the weekend was a great success (more information to follow) but we had such a fantastic response to our request for home-made, creative items, plants and bric-a-brac, that we still have some to sell. This includes home made jam varieties that you will never find in the shops such as Tayberry, and Crabapple, together with all time favourites such as strawberry, home-made dog biscuits, plants that need some more nurturing before blossoming, and the nostalgic notelets of the reservoir in all its glory. There is also an amazing selection of bric a brac looking for a home.

So, to maximise our fundraising could you help by running a car boot sale on behalf of RAG, perhaps at Coed Glas School or Bessemer Road (but you'll have to get there early apparently!

Also, we have a couple of antique items, and a stamp collection, where it might be useful if we could have a valuation. Could you help us with that?