Tuesday, 13 August 2013

PPL Talk to Us!

Mari Williams seeing Phil off on his trip to
Pennsylvania at Cardiff Airport
Phil. Bale, a member of RAG and a Llanishen Councillor, has flown to the United States to raise the issue of Llanishen Reservoir with Pennsylvania Power and Light Corporation executives.  PPL make much of their environmental credentials and in Pennsylvania have created seven wildlife preserves ( http://www.pplpreserves.com ).  Phil wants to know why PPL don’t seem so keen to make Llanishen reservoir a ‘preserve’ now that planning permission for a housing development on the reservoir has been refused.  If you use Twitter you can follow Phil’s progess at #ppltalk2us.  ( You might also like to follow all the wonderful things that PPL are doing for the environment @pplpreserves !!)