Sunday, 31 July 2011

Can you help fundraise?

As you know we still need to raise funds for the RAG Fighting Fund, to pay our legal bills resulting from the current Public Inquiry. Fundraising has been hugely successful with many people making donations and raising funds through our £20.00 per member campaign. However, we are very keen to continue running and developing the Auction of Promises, that was started at the Open Garden Day, and we would also like to run a photographic competition, with the objective being to find 12 winners, so that we can print and sell a RAG Campaign 2012 calendar and also have RAG Christmas cards printed, hopefully, using photos taken during last Winter's exceptional snow. We would like this to be done in time to capture the Christmas present market. One of our members has come up with a number of photographic categories and another member has found a website that could be used to run the competition but we really needs a team leader to take on bringing it all together. Our IT guru has also found a website designed to run Auction of Promises campaigns. So could you offer to run either of these excellent fundraising opportunities? If so, please either email or ring Mary on or 07713 077877.