Monday, 13 June 2011

Open Art Sale - Fantastic Success!

On the 11 and 12 June Molly Curley opened up her home for a whole weekend to provide an exhibition and sale of her famous pottery and artwork, together with jewellery made by James Curley and Monica Jones. In addition newly created RAG notelets based on copies of watercolour paintings of Llanishen Reservoir and Keeper's Cottage, by Karen Thompson, and photographic cards by Desmond Woods were also on sale, with all sales proceeds being very generously donated to RAG's Fighting Fund, by the local artists.

Thank you to all who went along to support the cause, and we are sure you will agree, what a fantastic demonstration of local talent we were fortunate to see, with so much variety and great skills demonstrated. And, then there were the simply gorgeous commemorative RAG mugs, and plates, lovingly designed and crafted by Molly, with each one being completely unique Campaign mugs - collector's items for sure, together with the beautiful RAG Commemorative plates, which Molly specialises in.

The exhibition and sale generated a stunning £1,101.20 for RAG's Fighting Fund.

We thank Molly, her family and colleagues for all the hard work represented by their beautiful work but also thank Molly for the hard work needed to turn her home into a very extensive exhibition, but most of all we thank her for her generosity for doing all this for RAG and the local community and arranging for all sales funds to be donated to RAG's Fighting Fund.

But if you have missed buying your collector's item mug or plate, it's not too late! A small number of these unique mugs will be on sale on RAG's stand at the Lisvane Fete on the afternoon 18 June. Please see previous blog for more details. And, if we have sold out, which we will, you will still be able to order your completely unique RAG Campaign mug or Commemorative plate.

We look forward to seeing you there.