Sunday, 29 May 2011

Fundraisers’ Coffee Morning Success

To 'kick-off' our fundraising drive, a fundraisers' working meeting was organised on 20 May, where volunteer fundraisers all met each other, bought home made refreshments and beautifully nurtured plants, whilst also exchanging fundraising ideas, committing to help at events, or to making products to sell, and to manage new events.
We raised an amazing £76 towards RAG's Fighting Fund, and also our enthusiasm to get out there and increase the campaign's profile in the community, and get the much needed funds in.
It just goes to show that a 'low overhead' event like this can really help fundraise, and this is what we are asking all our members to do - a small effort by a large number of people is what's needed. If every member raises £20.00, by whatever means, then we will be a long way towards meeting our target.
If you plan to run a coffee morning, car boot sale, plant sale or any other individual fundraising effort, please let Mary know on And, of course, we will be very happy to publicise any event on the blog to help you maximise the return on your effort.