Thursday, 31 March 2011


The Public Inquiry into Western Power's Fourth Planning Application will be held in Committee Rooms 3 and 4 of County Hall, Cardiff Bay from Monday to Friday each week between the hours of 10.00am to 5.00 pm. However, please note that the inquiry will not sit on Monday 9th June.

The Inspector, Mr. Richard Poppleton DipTP DMS MRTPI JP, opened the Inquiry at 10.00am on Wednesday 28th May 2008 and it is expected to last for 12 days. The first three days will be concerned with procedural matters and the opening addresses of Counsels on behalf of the Appellant, the County Council and the Reservoir Action Group. The Council will present its case first and call its witnesses.

On Tuesday 3rd June, RAG's case will be presented and its witnesses will give their evidence.

On Wednesday 4th June witnesses on behalf of other organisations and individuals will give their evidence. Thereafter Western Power will argue its case and call its witnesses. This will be followed by RAG, the Council and then Western Power, in that order, making their final submissions to the Inspector. The Inquiry is scheduled to close on or about 12th June.

We are calling upon RAG members to give our team as much support as possible at the Inquiry by attending as often as they can and especially on the opening day (28th May) and on 3rd June when RAG will be presenting its case.