Thursday, 31 March 2011


Yesterday, Judge Milwyn Jarman QC heard Western Power's appeal against the listing of Llanishen Reservoir as a Site of Historic Importance.  Fortunately, he found in favour of CADW and the Welsh Assembly Government Ministers, and rejected all of Western Power's arguments. He even awarded costs against Western Power.  This ruling means that the reservoir structure will be protected by the listing, and makes it very unlikely that Western Power will get permission for their proposed housing development.  This evening's South Wales Echo carries a more detailed report of the hearing and can be accessed online by clicking here.
Unfortunately, Western Power still seemed determined to drain the reservoir, although it is difficult to see how such an action could now be anything other than vindicitive. However, they have not yet received a drainage consent, and hopefully the Environment Agency, whose responsibility it is to issue the consent, will take into account the enormous environmental damage that the drainage is likely to cause.