Thursday, 31 March 2011

1st March 2005

For a company that claims that they are opening up the reservoirs to the people of Cardiff, Western Power has made an extraordinary start. Not only has it removed public access to Llanishen reservoir, but it has put up a steel fence around the majority of the reservoir perimeter that would not disgrace a concentration camp. The beautiful vista shown on our home page is now reduced to this view through ugly prison bars (left). It is difficult to understand what Western Power hope to gain by this desecration. It makes no sense on health and safety grounds, as the northern end of the reservoir is still open to public access. We can only assume that they have done this to spite the residents of North Cardiff, who have been so active in campaigning against this environmentally damaging development. However, no matter how much Mr. Oosthuizen (Finance Director of WPD) is going to try and intimidate us, we are not going to go away.