Thursday, 31 March 2011


After a hearing lasting nearly five days, the Public Inquiry into Andrew Hill's application for the Meadows to be registered as a Village Green was adjourned by the Inspector after the Council introduced potentially important, previously uncirculated, material.  Like all of the parties, Andrew and his barrister, Morag Ellis QC, must now examine the additional documentation and prepare their comments on them.

Pending investigations into the matter, the Inspector, with the agreements of all parties to the Inquiry, announced that the Inquiry would be reconvened on Tuesday 26th February 2008 for a further four day hearing.  This was the earliest period when the Inspector and the barristers representing the various parties could be available.

It is too early to comment any further on this development but inevitably it will add substantially to the costs of fighting for the registration.  We will of course keep you informed of further developments.  Andrew and his team remain optimistic and your attendance at part of the resumed Inquiry in February would again be helpful.