Thursday, 31 March 2011


Western Power's Fourth Application (06/01101E) to build 324 houses on the site of Llanishen reservoir has been referred to the Welsh Assembly Government Planning Inspectorate, as Cardiff Council did not reach a decision on the application within the allotted time.  Although the application will now be decided by the Assembly, the Council Planning Committee are still expected to indicate what decision they would have reached, if they had considered it earlier.  Therefore on Wednesday 17th October the Council Planning Committee will be meeting at 1.30 in the Ferrier Hall of City Hall to consider the application.  This meeting is open to the public and we would urge RAG supporters to come along.
On Friday 12th October the Council Planning Officers released their recommendations which will be passed to the Planning Committee.  At long last, the Council's Planning Officers seem to be viewing the development in the way that RAG has argued for the last five years (perhaps helped by the analysis of the Planning Inspector who presided over the inquiry into Western Power's second application, see below).  The Officers have recommended that the Planning Committee reject the fourth application on eight separate grounds. Their full report (all 113 pages of it) can be read by clicking here.
The Council's support is vital in preventing the proposed desecration, by Western Power, of one of the four river corridors that form a vital part in ensuring access to the natural environment and quality of life for Cardiff residents.  Please show your support for our campaign by coming along to the Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday.